Monday December 11 , 2017
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Paul Toupin from Toupin Rigging Company, Inc. called and wanted a quote for RigReady’s new QL-400 model boom system.  He has owned the RigReady model QL-175 since 2011 and said it is an exceptional product and his crew just loves all the benefits that model offers.

Paul Toupin from Toupin Rigging Company, Inc.

After Bert Coester at BFC Industrial was asked how they liked their newly purchased QL-175 unit that included all of the available adapter plates he said the system is cool as _____!!

Bert Coester at BFC Industrial

After Brian Daul of AZCO Inc. purchased one of the RigReady QL-175 rigging systems.  I called and asked Brian how he heard about RigReady.  He responded and said some of his newer employees had worked for other rigging companies in the past and they said that they had experience with the  RigReady booms and that it was a very good rigging system.

Brian Daul of AZCO Inc.

"We are happy with our purchase of the QL-175 rigging system. My men were surprised at how easy it is to take the system on and off the forklift."

Jeff Dickinson of Reppert Rigging

"What more could a company ask for? The pair of QL-175’s my company purchased paid for themself on the very first job. My men love the booms and they want to thank RigReady for a fine product."

Gregg Bott Owner Bott Mechanical

"After using RigReady our skilled tradesmen do not want to use another manufactures boom to complete our projects."

Rex R. Journeyman Millwright/Supervisor
Clover Machinery Movers, Mishawaka

"Love the ease of putting the boom on and off! Even with an inexperienced worker it was very easy. We had to make the adjustment to the vertical mast and this was also very easy. There wasn't anything that RigReady did not think of when they were designing the boom to make it very safe and user friendly. One of the nice benefits to the system was I could set the boom in the stand, leave the plate on the carriage and still was able to pick up skids and boxes. And the plate did not interfere with anything that I was picking up."

Randy B. 32 years Journeyman Millwright
General Motors, Wyoming, MI